What Time & Place?

While this website, blog and the Thorn River Writers may appear new, they’re not. They’ve been writing for decades, but in this current incarnation have only just set themselves up online. Rick and James re-started co-writing again in 2015 and average over 30 original songs/year.

Their current batch of song demos are coming to an end. There are 18 tracks in all, and what makes this group exciting is the variety of vocal performances. Some of our friends with talents have lent their hand to the songs, including Kerry, Michelle, Steve, Amy and Oliver.

Some highlights are:

  • Blue Jeans – a hip shaker with a killer opening line of ‘Got a check shirt, blue jeans, neck ties just won’t be seen’. This one wrote itself.
  • If I Fell – a rocking number, great intro lick with lead vocals sung by a very special guest. It’ll get stuck in your head.
  • Women & Children First – our first sea shanty, a story of a doomed voyage across the ocean with the entire family singing, and a bottle solo.

Some tracks will be uploaded in the coming weeks for you to download and share, and we’ll be hosting a backyard bbq, beers and blues afternoon in February to play them for you. Those in the know will get their own CD.

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